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Costa del Sol Tourism Award

Dreamed Restaurants has been selected as the best project among more than 60 that have participatedCosta del Sol Tourism Award.

is a member of AEHCOS


Enjoy your favourite restaurants
like you have never done before

Menu with images

You can view all menu items and know exactly what you are ordering.

Inmediate Access

No need to download Apps or register. Access to the menu in 3 seconds with NFC or QR.

Allergens filter

The menu suits you! You can filter the items by allergens and you will not have to look for the icons.

Order with your smartphone

Ordering was never so easy! Select what you want with your mobile, for yourself or for everyone in your table.


Improve the organization, service, profitability and
satisfaction of your customers

More satisfied customers

A channel of direct communication with your customers with which you will discover a new world of services and possibilities.

Complete management system

Virtual menu, point of sale, command panel, pass monitor and much more in a single application.

Improve the efficiency of your business.

Customers can order with their mobile and waiters save a lot of time.
Orders are organized in an interactive panel with warnings.

Increase your profitability

The app builds long-term customers loyalty, it advertises your restaurant, it increases the bill's amount, it reduces costs, it analyses use indicators...

Images of the Apps
Our Subscriptions for Professionals

We adapt to your needs through various types of subscription.

(the customers' App is for free)

Virtual Menu

50€ /month
From 75€ high fee

  • Check the menu in 3 seconds without downloading apps!!!!!
  • NFC, QR and URL access
  • Menu with images
  • Menu edition
    in real time
  • The menu is translated into more than 100 languages
  • Share the menu with images by WhatsApp and Social Networks
  • GPS Navigation
    Share restaurant location
  • Management and filtering of items by allergens
  • Possibility of consulting the menu from home
Receive Orders

65€ /month
From 75€ high fee

  • It is possible to order a beer in 5 seconds without downloading
    apps !!!!
  • The restaurant receives the orders that customers make with their smartphones
  • Orders are received in tablets with command panel or printers
  • Customers can request the bill from their smartphones indicating whether they want to pay in cash or by card
  • Especially useful for ordering drinks in restaurants and terraces
  • Receive comments, suggestions and customer ratings
  • Statistics: which items attract the most attention? Which ones are shared the most?...
  • Access to news and reports
  • * It also includes all the options of Virtual Menu

65€ /month
From 75€ high fee

  • Use up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Waiters can take orders in the smartphones or tablets
  • Terminal Point of Sale (POS) to manage and collect orders
  • System to receive and manage reservations

      * Taxes not included
      * No commitment to stay
      * Universal rates and total transparency: We do not charge you more depending on who you are
      * We treat our clients the way we like to be treated

How can we help you ?

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